55P/Tempel-Tuttle image of the day

January 9, 1998, 22:07-22:51 UT.

Image comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle

Credit & Copyright: Stefano Sposetti (spo [at] dial.eunet.ch) of Gnosca, Switzerland; Astronomical Image Data Archive.

This is the assembly of 80 30-seconds CCD images obtained with a Celestron 20cm f:6,3 telescope and an Hi-SIS22 CCD camera, in 2x2 binning mode. North is up ,East is left. The comet was moving very fast from South to the north in the constellation Ursa Major. A bright past-first-quarter moon illuminated the whole sky. The comet was 1.26 AU from the Sun and 0.45 AU from Earth. The central part of the comet was estimated to be between magnitude 14 and 15. The exposures were added by centering on the comet nucleus. No additional filters were used.

A 1002 kb mpeg movie is available from the same author and technique that consists of the animation of 105 30-seconds CCD pictures. They show the motion of the comet Tempel-Tuttle (55P) taken the January 9th 1998 between 22h07m UT and 23h06m UT. The field of view spans 8.3 x 10.0 arcminutes. North is up, East is left. The comet was traveling in the Ursa Major constellation, high in midnight sky. The brightness of the star in the lower right corner is 14.3 mag. A past first-quarter moon brightened the sky. The images were preprocessed only.

Last updated: January 17, 1998
P. Jenniskens