55P/Tempel-Tuttle image of the day

January 18, 1998, 01:43 and 02:34 UT.

Image comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle

Credit & Copyright: Tim Puckett, Ellijay, Ga.

This image of 55P/Tempel-Tuttle was obtained with a 60 cm Ritchey Chretien reflector working at f/5. The image is the sum of ten 300 second exposures taken with an Apogee AP-7 CCD. The first exposure was started on 01-26-98 at 00:31:46 UT. The field-of-view is 13.87 x 13.87 minutes, North is up. The comet was 1.18 AU from the Sun and 0.36 AU from Earth.

Last updated: February 04, 1998
P. Jenniskens