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Leonid MAC

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flag Shinsuke Abe,
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan

Last updated: February 2007
Now at Kobe University:
E-mail: avell [at]
1999 Leonid MAC report

Brief Biographical Information:

Graduated at the National Astronomical Observatory Japan in 2001 on a thesis based on Leonid MAC research. Thesis advisor: Prof. Dr. Juiniche Watanabe. MS, in Solar Wind Group, Solar Terrestrial Environement Laboraotry (Division of Particle and Astrophysical Sciences). BS, in Dept. of Aerospace Engineering of Nihon University. Born in Planet of AVECK (near Tokyo), but grew up in Saitama ken Kawaguchi-shi (Japan).


  • Spectrographic Observations of Meteor Train of Leonids
  • Pons-Winneckids - Radio Observations of Meteor Outburst on June 27-29, 1999
  • FOCAS Grism Experiments of FOCAS Grism for SUBARU Telescope
  • Search for Extrasolar Planets using Low Radio Frequencies
  • Solar Wind Interaction with Cometary Plasma - Two-Dimensional MHD Simulations
  • EKBOs(Edgeworth Kuiper Belt Objects)
  • Solar Wind Data Tools
  • Theory of Interplanetary Scintillation
Research on Leonid MAC:

Near-UV spectroscopy of meteors and trains. High resolution spectrum.

I wrote my thesis on meteor spectroscopy, based on Low-resolution spectroscopy of a Leonid train and the meteor spectroscopy performed using High Definition TV cameras onboard the 1999 Leonid MAC mission. I found that excitation temperatures for metal atom emissions are very similar to those measured for the air plasma, supporting the new model where most emission occurs in the meteor wake.

1999 Leonid storm image
1999 Leonid storm as seen from Leonid MAC with 28 mm camera

1999 Leonid storm image
1999 Leonid storm as seen from Leonid MAC with 50 mm camera

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