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flag Drs. Hans Betlem,
Dutch Meteor Society

Last updated: October 2002
E-mail: betlem [at]

Brief Biographical Information:

Hans Betlem is a teacher, an active amateur astronomer, and founder of the Dutch Meteor Society. He has edited "Radiant", the journal of the Dutch Meteor Society since its founding in 1979. He is a guest observer at Leiden Observatory, the Netherlands.

Dutch Meteor Society team that observed the alpha-Monocerotid outburst in 1995


Hans Betlem has developed small camera multi-station imaging into an art form. Between 1979 and 1999 more than 2100 meteors have been photographed by two or more stations of the small camera network of the Dutch Meteor Society. Most multi station events were photographed in the Netherlands but also many orbital and trajectory data were gathered at expeditions abroad. Data from the Californian network (from 1994 onwards) are also reduced by the Dutch Meteor Society and the results are included in the database. Out of all multi station events 1006 meteors yielded orbital data. Results have been published in numerous scientific publications that discuss various aspects of meteoroid stream dynamics.

Research on Leonid MAC:

Hans Betlem organizes a ground-based effort near Los Alamos, New Mexico, during the 2001 Leonid maximum. Scientific goals include the collection of orbits and lightcurves of meteors from the 1767 dust trail, as well as trajectory information for interesting fireballs that are observed by infrasonic techniques from Los Alamos. The effort is organized in collaboration with Ondrejov Observatory (Pavel Spurny). Flux measurements will compliment results from the Leonid MAC missions.

Same meteor from two viewpoints
Same meteor from two observing sites.

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