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Leonid MAC

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flag Dr. Noah Brosch
Tel Aviv University, Israel

Last updated: October 2002
E-mail: noah [at]

Brief Biographical Information:

Dr. Noah Brosch is director of Wise Observatory.

Research Interests:

  • Star formation in galaxies, through the study of samples of dwarf galaxies in the Virgo cluster and in the field.
  • The nature of UV sources, in preparation for TAUVEX and using data from space missions, in conjunction with ground-based observations.
  • The nature of dust particles in other galaxies. Dust as a component of interstellar matter and material for star forming processes.
  • Icy bodies in the Solar System, as examples of possible baryonic components of the Universe. This includes studies of Pluto Triton (satellite of Neptune) and the comet-asteroid Chiron, as well as a number of comets.
  • Preparation for TAUVEX: Construction and testing of TAUVEX.
  • Leonids 1999 - The campaign in Israel.

1999 Leonid meteor
Leonid meteor by Eran Ofek, November 18, 1999.

Research on Leonid MAC:

Study of high-altitude meteor emissions. Two-station coordinated observations from USAF's FISTA and NASA's DC8 Airborne Laboratory. Dr. Brosch organized the local support for the 1999 Leonid MAC mission and coordinated the ground-based effort in Israel. Images of the 1999 Leonid campaign from Israel.

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