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Leonid MAC

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flag Klaas Jobse,
Dutch Meteor Society

Last updated: October 2002
E-Mail: Cyclops [at]

Brief Biographical Information:

I am an amateur meteor astronomer and member of the Dutch Meteor Society. My profession is garden design and maintenance. I live and work in a small town on the Northsea coast of the Netherlands.


I have my own "Cyclops" meteor observatory in Oostkapelle, Zeeland, from where I take part in multi-station video and photographic projects organised by the Dutch Meteor Society. I participated in past Leonid campaigns in Andalucia Spain (team Zaffaraya) in November of 1995 and in China (team Lin Ting Kou) in November of 1997.

I pioneered meteor video observations in the Netherlands, starting in 1987. In that year, I captured a long duration persistent train of a bright Leonid. The video cameras used are typically equipped with an F/1.2-55 mm photographic objective, a Hi8 camcorder and military image intensifying electronics. Such a camera records stars up to magnitude +8 and meteors up to magnitude +7 in a 25 degrees field of view. I observed many hours of video while analysing such video data.

Research on Leonid MAC:

Near-real time flux measurements.

Dutch Meteor Society - Leonid 1998 team

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