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flag Morris Jones,
California Meteor Society
Photo: SF Chronicle/Sam Deaner

Last updated: October 2002
E-Mail: mojo [at]

Brief Biographical Information:

Morris Jones is an active meteor astronomer: "Volunteer of the Year" 2000, for Fremont Peak Observatory Association. Co-editor of the SJAA Ephemeris. Past member of the board of directors, San Jose Astronomical Association. Director and representative, Astronomical Association of Northern California. Telescope array includes several large and small dobsonian reflectors, and small and large Astro-Physics refractors. Amateur radio operator, current call: AA4KB. Born: January 18, 1957 (45) in Memphis, Tennessee.


As a volunteer, Morris has watched many hours of video of the 1999 Leonid MAC results that helped provide the data for an in-depth analysis of the 1999 Leonid storm flux data and predictions for the upcoming storms. Ground based flux measurement in California in 1998 and 2000 (partially clouded out). Led the 2001 near-real time flux team in Alice Springs, Australia, with his wife, Jane Houston Jones. Morris will participate in the 2002 Leonid MAC mission to Spain.

Research on Leonid MAC:

Near-real time flux measurements. Mr. Jones rewrote the operating software for the flux counting unit into an interactive system. Mr. Jones will be part of the near-real time flux team as a visual observer and will also provide coordination and technical support for the Interactive Meteor Counting Unit, a device that collects mouse-clicks from 6-8 viewers at a time to derive Leonid flux rates.

total count
Example of near-real time meteor counts: 1999 Leonid storm.

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