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Leonid MAC

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flag Toshihiro Kasuga,
Nagoya University, Japan

Last updated: February 2007
E-mail: kasuga [at] (now: kasugats [at]

Brief Biographical Information:

During the 2002 Leonid MAC mission, I was at the Division of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Graduate school of Environmental studies, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan

1997-2001 B.S. in Physics at Rikkyo University, Ikebukuro,Tokyo
2001-2003 M.S. in Earth and Planetary Physics at Nagoya University, Japan
2003-2006 Ph.D. in Astronomy at The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan
2007-2009: Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, USA


  • Earth and Planetary Physics (Exploring terrestrial planets by human)
  • Impacts and the early environment and evolution of the terrestrial planets (Evolution of the Earth-Moon System). Recent models of the formation of the solar system show that the population of impactors bombarding the growing planets increased in size and relative velocity with time,so that accretionary impacts tended to become progressively more violent until the last of the giant planetesimals were destroyed in collisions with planets(Giant Impact).
  • Relation astronomy and radiation (Planck's equation using statistical Physics,entropy and quantum mechanics).
  • Making HDTV-sytem holder.
Research on Leonid MAC:

HDTV imaging and near-UV spectroscopy of meteors.

This work is for my graduate thesis. The High-Definition TV Digital Video Camera with ImageIntensifiers (HD-TV-II) produce more impressive images of the meteor shower. Equipped with a grating, the HDTV images produce high-resolution spectra of meteors in the near-UV. From these spectra,I hope to study the organic matter content of Leonid fireballs. [Publications]

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