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flag Larry Cannon Gardner,
Utah State University

Last updated: October 2000
E-mail: sltdb [at]

Brief Biographical Information:

Received a Masters degree in Physics from Utah State University in the fall of 2000, partially on work related to the 1999 Leonid MAC mission. Currently I am in a Ph.D. program at Utah State University. I am from a small town in central Nevada, where I grew up on the family farm. I have an Associate in Electronics and Engineering Technology from ITT Technical Institute [1998].


For my masters thesis research I am using data obtained by a novel CCD imager to investigate the dynamics of the upper atmosphere in the vicinity of the mesopause, using the OH nightglow emission (altitutde ~ 87km). I am using these data to study the relationhsip between the induced relative intensity and temperature perturbations by atmospheric gravity waves. These data can also be used to investigate the nightly average temperature variations at the 87 km level from which the diurnal and seasonal variability of this sensitive upper atmospheric region can be studied.

Research on Leonid MAC:

For the NASA Leonids-99 airborne campaign I assisted in a novel imaging study of the longitudinal variability of the OH mesospheric airglow emission (peak altitude ~87 km) and to study atmospheric wave structure and source distributions. I also observed sprites and elves from FISTA at the peak of the storm.

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