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Leonid MAC

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flag Michael Schmidhuber,
ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands

Last updated: October 1999
E-Mail: Michael.Schmidhuber [at]

Brief Biographical Information:

I graduated from Technical University of Munich in 1994 as engineer of aerospace technology. Worked for DLR German Aerospace Center as Software Developer in the HRSC experiment on Mars' 96 for one year. (1994 - 1995) 1995 begin of Ph.D. thesis work in the field of orbit determination of satellites (also at DLR). 1997 involvement in the GPS-Experiment on-board EQUATOR-S. 1998 contract as satellite operations engineer for the launch and positioning of EUTELSAT W24-FM2 for DLR. 1998 employment at LSE GmbH Munich as Satellite Operations Engineer. The company is currently working for DLR German Space Operations Center in the field of positioning geostationary communication satellites and I am therefore located at the Research Center Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich. Beside the satellite work I am mainly involved in developing internet and intranet applications.

Amateur-astronomer since 1979. Affiliations with Munich Public Observatory , Max-Born Observatory Germering near Munich and Astronomical Association West-Munich (AVWM).

Work as astronomy teacher at the Public Evening School Germering and Max-Born-Gymnasium Germering.


Determination of the usability of GPS for orbit determination of satellites in highly elliptical orbits above the height of the GPS constellation during the EQUATOR-S campaign.

As amateur: Participation in several campaigns to count meteors following standards set by the International Meteor Organization.

Research on Leonid MAC:

near-real time flux measurements for ESA.

I will operate an intensified CCD camera that is identical to a camera operated from ground locations in Spain. Our goal is to calibrate the flux measurements for observing conditions by comparing observations of the shower from different locations and under different observing conditions. I will also be part of the near-real time flux measurement team onboard ARIA.

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