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Leonid MAC

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The latest update on developments concerning the Leonid MAC airborne campaigns.


Sep 15, 1999

At the meeting in Israel. From left to right, Dr. Mark Rosenkrantz, Dr. Noah Brosch, Dr. Peter Jenniskens, Capt. Steve Butow, Dr. Yuval Ne'eman, and Dr. Sarah Beck.

Diary from European site survey

September 15 - I arrived in London, only to discover that Steve and T.J. were delayed. Steve caught an upper respiratory illness and spend some time at a clinic in London. Both caught up with me in Tel Aviv the next day and Steve was well enough to make his presentation at the Israeli Leonid Workshop at Tel Aviv University today. The meeting was opened by Prof. Yuval Ne'eman, chiarman of the Israeli Space Agency and an icon of Israeli space research, and the Director General of ISA, Dr. Aby Har-Even. We learned about the observing plans in Israel and discussed the coordination with the airborne campaign. The effort involves phased array radar, ELF/VHF observations, and meteor train spectroscopy. It is an interdisciplinary effort that breathes much the attitude and inspiration of Leonid MAC. Coordination is in hands of Dr. Noah Brosch of Wise Observatory. We met with a very supportive local organisation team and were much welcomed to stage the 1999 Leonid MAC out of Israel. Later in the day, Steve and T.J. left to meet the air attache at the US Embassy to arrange logistic issues.

- Peter Jenniskens

September 12 - Everything is going extremely well on the site survey. We have received nothing less than the highest level of cooperation from Mildenhall AB, England, and Lajes AB, in the Azores. We should be able to put everyone up in billeting at both bases - this will save A LOT of money. The PA and XP offices at each base will work closely with us to ensure we have ample opportunity for the media to have access to the aircraft and crews. I also spoke with folks at McGuire about the FISY Cart. There is another refueling unit in Florida that has one, but I think we should be able to make things work with the NJ Air Guard's Commander. One thing that is very important is that we go final on the participant list ASAP so we can get the diplomatic clearances submitted to the embassies and air attaches of each host country. Peter - we'll see you in the UK on Monday evening.

-Steve Butow

September 8 - TJ and I are in London - well rested and working hard. We go to Cambridge and Mildenhall tomorrow to make arrangements for the mission. How did the 2nd TDRSS test go? I can't tell you how happy I am that everything is working with the communications equipment that we assembled. I spoke with Jeff Lampe yesterday. He is satisfied with the FISTA configuration and manning but needs some clarifications on ARIA. Likewise, please send me a list of personnel to this e-mail address so I can present it to the English authorities tomorrow. As yet, I still have no idea how many hotel rooms we actually require. Remember that we are 8h ahead of you (of course you know this) and I will likely not check e-mail until 1200h UTC Friday.

- Steve Butow

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