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Leonid MAC

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2001 Leonid MAC

meteor sequence

2001 Leonid MAC crew and scientists

Briefing From the news update of Sept. 09, 2001: Harry Kuellman of the ASUR team wrote: "I would like to express our heartfelt sympathy with you and the whole American nation about the outrage committed. We are very shocked and full of consternation, since this was an attack against freedom and democracy. Most of all we feel with the dead and wounded people and their families and friends."

New regulations, funding uncertainties, and a heavy use of the FISTA aircraft as an in-flight tanker restrict 2001 deployment to US citizens. Foreign national participants deploy from Mount Lemmon observatory, Manua Kea (Hawaii), Bear Lake (Utah), Poker Flats (Alaska), Red Rock Canyon (California), and Australia.

Above: Security briefing by USAF mission managers Adam Wink and Deborah Magnin.
Right: Mission commander LtCol. Jeffrey S. Smith of the 418th Flight Test Squadron receives the first 2001 Leonid MAC mission patch from Leonid MAC principal investigator Dr. Peter Jenniskens.
Below: NASA video crew travels to Edwards AFB. Photo: Eric James.

NASA crew
Aerospace In cabin view
Instrument installation. Daryl Kim, George Rossano, and Ray Russell of the Aerospace corporation prepare the mid-Infrared imagers and spectrometers for a test run on FISTA. In cabin view of researchers Rick Rairden of Lockheed Palo Alto (foreground), David Lynch of the Aerospace Corporation, and Kristina Smith and Bill Smith of the University of Washington, working to install instruments
Cabeling Left: Construction of cabling for flux measurments.
Below:Calibration tests of flux counting system by operator Peter Gural.

flux count

Slit spectrograph Left: Avi Mandell of Penn State University points a slit-spectrograph to the persistent emission of a bright fireball.
Below:Emily Schaller of Dartmouth College operates a slit-less CCD spectrograph.

CCD Spectrograph

Down Left: Near-real time flux measurement team at Mount Lemmon Observatory, Arizona.
Below: Ian Murray of the University of Regina at Red Rock Canyon, California.

Mount Lemmon team Ian Murray

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