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Leonid MAC

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1999Leonid MAC

ARIA group photo

Group photo ARIA team. Courtesy: David Nugent

FISTA group photo

Group photo FISTA team. Courtesy: Mike Koop


Posing in front of FISTA The USAF/452nd Flight Test Squadron mission commanders and air crew and the NASA researchers, for working together so well - Photo: S. Butow
Mission briefing Many branches of the U.S. Air Force: for providing briefs and logistic support - Photo: L. Lewis
misison crew brief Logistics officer Capt. Steve Butow: for leadership (Mission Briefing in Mildenhall) - Photo: L. Lewis
In van All participating researchers, for being so accomodating (Photo: P. Jenniskens).
Ray Russell Dr. Ray Russell and the Aerospace team: for not giving up on broken cars, leaking dewars, saturated detectors, safety rules, and tough logistics, and coming out the winner (Photo: S. Butow).
NHK team The Japanese Broadcasting Company (NHK) team and science lead Dr. Hajime Yano, for provided spectacular imaging of the storm (Photo: S. Butow).
Video studio NASA/ARC video crew (Eric James and Michael Parker - left) and Bob Selbrede and colleagues who took care of the TDRSS uplink: for making it possible to have Col. Pete Worden (USAF/XOR) comment on the video imaging of the Leonid storm during live feed - Photo: L. Lewis
Flux measurment unit Computer games expert Chris Crawford: designer of the automatic meteor counting system (Photo: J. Houston).
Certificate of appreciation Jane Houston and other amateur participants in the flux measurement team: for holding the sporadic rates steady for hours (Photo: S. Butow).

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