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Leonid MAC

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2002 Leonid MAC

DC8 group
NASA/DC-8 Airborne Laboratory crew.
FISTA group
Photos: Eric James, NASA Ames.

DC-8 Airborne Laboratory

planes on tarmac training DC8 mission manager CAB visit Center Madrid

Clockwise: Bob Curry, DC-8 mission manager. DC8 and FISTA on tarmac Torrejon AB. Visit Center for Astrobiology (Jesus Martinez-Frias, Juan Mercader-Perez, Ruediger Jehn, Peter Jenniskens). Peter J. in center of Madrid.

HFRI USU imagers

Left: Hans Nielsen with High Frame-Rate Imager (1000/s) and high speed photometer. On other side of isle: Mike Taylor and Kim Nielsen mount the Utah State University InGaAs camera and narrow band imagers.

Below left: Javier Martin, Jesus Frias, and Patrick McGuire with Center for Astrobiology near-IR camera. Opposite: the University of Bremen ASUR sub-mm spectrometer, operated by Armin Kleinbuehl and Holger Bremer.

CAB team

Meteor Tracker UEA telescope

Left: George Varros and Eric Collins with meteor tracker and spectrograph. On other side of isle: Alfonso Saiz with University of East Anglia spectrograph.

Below: Emily Schaller has her finger on the SETI Institute cooled CCD spectrograph (left).

CCD camera Emily Schaller

TV studio

Left: The ISAS High Definition TV UV spectrograph (Shinsuke Abe, Mr. Sugimoto). Opposite: Ed Schilling behind NASA Ames Research Center TV studio.

Below:Two of eight member Flux Measurement Team using video headset displays to observe the video from eight intensified cameras.

Flux cameras Counting

Our pilot, NASA Shuttle astronaut C. Gordon Fullerton, socializes with Flux Measurement Team, shown right at Oct 05 meeting. From left to right: David Nugent, Chris Crawford, Morris Jones, David Holman, Jane Houston, Bob Lunsford and Peter Gural. Not shown: Ruediger Jehn.

Flux Team


HFRI george
Clockwise: MIRIS infrared spectrometer tested on the Moon by Daryl Kim and George Rossano. Dust collector from University of New Mexico (Melissa Pfeffer). Mike Koop with flux cameras. View inside FISTA aircraft.

FISTA inside view

image lab
Clockwise: Kristina Smith with DASI interferometer. ISAS contributed UV-IMPACTRON cameras. Hajime Yano and Mr. Kasuga set time on camcorders.

Yano and Kasuga

UV Impactron camera
Right: Jiri Borovicka with Ondrejov slit-less low-resolution spectrograph.

Below: FISTA and DC-8 on tarmac at Offutt AFB in Nebraska.

planes on tarmac

Jiri Borovicka

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