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Leonid MAC

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Multi-station photography and video imaging will be performed by the Dutch Meteor Society from locations in New Mexico (Hans Betlem and Pavel Spurny) and Arizona (Marc de Lignie). The Arizona stations will be located near to the Mount Lemmon Observatory site, where Jim Richardson and David Holman will coordinate the near-real time flux measurements. Jiri Borovicka will perform spectroscopic measurements from Mount Lemmon Observatory.

A second ground site for near-real time flux measurements will be installed at Fremont Peak Observatory in California, in an effort coordinated by Mike Salo.

Mike Taylor will observe from Bear Lake Observatory, Utah. James Peterson will observe from Logan, Utah, using Mid-IR technology.

Peter Jenniskens and Ian Murray will observe from a site near Edwards AFB, called Red Rock Canyon wilderness area, and do co-aligned imaging of meteors in multiple passbands.

Hans Stenbeak-Nielsen will observe from Fairbanks Alaska, using high frame-rate imaging.

Denise Metlock will coordinate a video imaging effort from the island of Guam, our initial Leonid MAC target site.


Near Alice Springs, ground-based near-real time flux measurements will be performed in a project coordinated by Morris Jones and Jane Houston-Jones. They will involve the Alice Springs Astronomical Society.

Detlef Koschny and colleages will observe from a location somewhat further to the west. Ground-based observations will include video imaging and VLF/ELF measurements.


Hajime Yano and Shinsuke Abe will observe from Manua Kea in Hawaii. They will also coordinate video and submm observations at ground sites in Japan.


Dutch Meteor Society members will observe from Beijing Observatory, in a project coordinated by Casper ter Kuile and Jin Zhu. This effort follows from earlier successful observations in 1998.

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