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Leonid MAC

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Photographic and video multi station imaging of the Leonids in support of Leonid MAC will be executed in the south of Spain, the south of Portugal and the South of France during the nights 16/7, 17/18 and 18/19 November from at least two sites about 80 km apart in North to South direction. The Spanish stations will consist of:

Instruments :

  • Station 1 : 23 camera's Canon T-70 with lenses f/1.8-50 mm, all-sky video camera with image intensifier and Canon f/2.8-15 mm fish-eye lens, Spectrograph with Zeiss Tessar f/4.5-160 mm and grating 461 lines/mm, All-Sky camera with Zeiss Distagon f/3.5-30 mm and video camera with 55 mm objective and image intensifier, Laptop computer, GSM phone and internet connection.
  • Station 2 : 14 camera's Canon T-70 with lensen f/1.8-50 mm, All sky camera with Zeiss Distagon f/3.5-30 mm and video camera with 55 mm objective and image intensifier. Lap top computer, GSM phone and internet connection. Both station will be equipped with a back-up electricity generator.
  • Station 3 : 10 camera's with lenses f/1.8-50 to f/2.4-20 mm, one battery all-sky of 5 cameras. Spectrograph and gratings 500-1000 lines/mm.
group photo Personnel:
  • Station 1 : M.J. Betlem, Dutch Meteor Society. Annemarie Zoete, Michelle van Rossum (Netherlands) and Ales Kolar of the Czech Republic.
  • Station 2 : Dr. Pavel Spurny, Ondrejov Observatory, Czech Academy of Sciences. Anna Spurny, Pavel Trepka (Czech Republic) and Guus Docters van Leeuwen (Netherlands)
  • Station 3: Josep Trigo, Dept. Astronomy, Universitat de Valencia. Juli Castellano, Angela del Castillo, Rafa Ferrando, Rafa Ramirez, Natatxa Sanchez, German Dominguez, Sonia Sales.

In addition, ESA sponsored observers lead by Detlef Koschny will settle at Calar Alto observatory from where near-real time flux measurements will be communicated to ESOC, Darmstadt.


Further west, there will be a multi-station effort in the California Bay Area, where sites will be at the Madonna Center, lead by Joshua Kitchener (Chris Angelos - photography), and at the Hollar Observatory of Tom Rice (Peter Zerubin - photography).

Airglow observations will be coordinated during overflight of New England on November 14 and during flyby of Utah in November 20.

Futher observations at the Starfire Optical Range are coordinated by Jack Drummond. Sodium lidar observations will be performed by Dr. Chet Gardner of the University of Illinois. The lidar beam will be used for guiding mid-IR sensors of the Aerospace Corporation (Dr. Ray Russell) to persistent trains.


In Israel, ground based radar and VLF observations will be coordinated with observations during departure on Nov. 17. Coordination is in hands of Dr. Noah Brosch of Tel Aviv University.

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