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Leonid MAC

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2002 Leonid MAC

The two storm peaks are now only 6.5 hours appart and can be covered both in a typical 9 hour flight. In order to see both peaks well, a mission to Europe is necessary because of the limited flight duration. The best trajectory is a westward flight from Europe to the USA.

Earth on Nov. 19, 2002, from perspective of shower

The mission will commence in the period from November 15-20 and will be flown from Madrid (Spain) to Offutt AFB (Nebraska). The westward trajectory will provide a long dark night for the total duration of the mission, about 9.6 hours, on mission night November 19. A late departure in Spain guarantees excellent observing conditions for the first storm peak at 04:00 h UT, while keeping the full Moon low in the sky in south-western direction and out of the field of view for most instruments during the night. The second storm peak at 10:30 UT will be seen above the great lake area in Canada and the United States just before dawn, when the apparent rates are highest. The image shows the Earth from the perspective of the shower at the beginning and end of the mission.

Related ground-based activities will be organized in Spain and in the United States.

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