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LEONID DAILY NEWS: August 31, 2002

DC8 crew

UV 251-384 nm spectrum of a Leonid meteor.


Peter Jenniskens, Ed Tedesco, Jayant Murthy, Christophe Laux and Stephen Price report in the August issue of Meteorics and Planetary Science on the analysis of a Leonid meteor spectrum detected with the Midcourse Space Explorer (MSX) imaging spectrometers (UVISI) during the Leonid shower of 1997. This was one of several meteors observed from space that year. For the first time, a spectrum of a meteor was recorded in the ultraviolet, showing strong emission lines of ionized and neutral magnesium. It is found that the ionized line is a unique probe of the ionization conditions in the warm meteor plasma.

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Results of this research were published in Meteoritics and Planetary Science.

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