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Leonid MAC

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Leonid MAC 2000

2000 Leonid meteor

Michael Boschat in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, obtained this very nice Leonid picture in a remarkable part of the sky on November 17/18, 2000 at 0850 UT.

Still images

Long lasting persistent train of the 07:46:59 UT fireball as seen from aircraft in a panoramic view.

Other pictures: check NASA HQ's Near-Live Leonid Watching System.

video clip

Peter Jenniskens and Bo Gustafson observed a bright -8 Leonid fireball at 7:46:59 UT in south-western direction while flying near Fort Lauderdale in a cessna aircraft. Note the diffuse beginning of the 07:46:59 UT fireball. The fireball ended outside the field of view and left a long-lasting persistent train.

Video clips

Leonid of 08:36:39 UTC 11/18/2000 in a video clip by George Varros. George writes: "What an event! There were plenty of meteors for all!"

The same bright fireball as seen by Tony Cook from Alexandria, Virginia.

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