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Leonid MAC

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Leonid MAC 1998

Leonid meteors
Composite of photographed Leonids at China ground location. Photo: Hans Betlem, DMS.

Video clips

664k Movie Clip - A meteor appears to streak past an orbiting satellite in this line-of-sight  view - image posted here too (Image: courtesy Ian Murray)

816 kbyte Movie Clip - Large Leonid fireball low on horizon 18:48:08. Special effect from dispersion grating (Image: courtesy Peter Jenniskens)

Iron Spike - Graphs showing the spike in atmospheric iron caused by a meteor debris train  (Image: courtesy Chet Gardner)

Still images

Bright meteor probed by lidar beam - One of many meteors that passed close to the lidar beam onboard Electra. Note the  faint image of the lidar beam pointing upward  (Image: courtesy NHK)

132kbyte Movie Clip - LIDAR probing the iron debris train of a meteor. The  University of Illinois LIDAR, on board the Electra aircraft, measured the  iron content of a meteor's debris train. The sequence is based on a series  of 10-second exposures. (Image: courtesy Chet Gardner)

Persistent train probed by Lidar
Persistent train probed by lidar. Photo: Starfire Optical Range

Train probed by lidar [False color] - One of two persistent trains that were probed by lidar beams at the ground-station  at the Starfire Optical Range, at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico. The lidar was supplied  by the University of Illinois group that fielded the 2-beam Fe Lidar onboard Electra  (Image: courtesy USAF-Jack Drummond)

Persistent  Meteor Train - A series of snapshot (0.1 second)  images of the 20:52:04 UT meteor persistent train, rapidly changing shape over  the period of a few minutes  (Image: courtesy Peter Jenniskens)

All-sky image  with meteor - A bright meteor was captured by the airglow imager  onboard Electra  (Image: courtesy Gary Swenson)

UVVis Spectrum - Example of a Ultraviolet-Visible spectrum of a bright Leonid meteor. The meteor is  seen on the top right corner of the field of view. The spectrum consists of individual  images of the meteor in its various colors.  (Image: courtesy Jiri Borovicka)

Leonid photographs - A collection of  many photographs of leonids obtained at the ground-based sites in China in the course  of a triangulation and flux measurement project in support of Leonid MAC  (Image: courtesy Dutch Meteor Society)

[Iconic all-sky image from the ground.]
[Iconic train video (ROTSE)]

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