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Leonid MAC

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Leonid MAC 2002

2002 Leonid rates

Near-real time flux measurements were broadcast to the ground and distributed to satellite operators. This graph shows the uncorrected rates as measured during flight.


Aurora, as seen from DC8 (G. Varros).

The Aurora as seen from the DC-8 in an 8 second exposure looking north, using a Nikon CP950, by George Varros. Mike Taylor was monitoring the skyglow on the right side of the airplane, when he called out that he was picking up increasing levels of ionized oxygen. Soon, there was an outbreak of auroras which eventually spilled over to the south side of the plane. [RealMedia video aurora [509 kbyte] ; [Aurora gallery]

Leonid fireball

06:49:55UT Nov 17, 2002. Leonid imaged over the Atlantic Ocean from the NASA DC-8. This -8 magnitude meteor left a train that lasted over 4 minutes. The meteor was captured using a proto-type "AIMIT" technique of meteor detection and rapid pointing of a small camera by George Varros. [Realmedia video (60 kbyte)]; [Image of afterglow]


Animated gif video [1.1 Mbyte] of Leonid with features earlier interpreted as debris spinning off Leonid meteoroid.

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