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Leonid MAC

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Leonid MAC 2001

HFR images

High frame-rate meteor images by Hans Stenbaek-Nielsen of the University of Alaska taken from Poker Flats on Nov. 18. These images show for the first time a shock front, but much bigger than expected.

Still images

Graph of meteor flux as calculated from near-real time flux measurements. Two peaks are readily identified with the dust ejected in 1767 and 1866/1699 respectively.

High resolution optical spectra by Emily Shaller and Peter Jenniskens from the Leonid MAC aircraft. These spectacular images set the strongest lower limits to the CN abundance yet, provide composition information, and prove that the excitation temperature of meteor emissions remains constant irrespective of meteor size.

An impact on the Moon in a series of images from a video record by David Palmer. This shows the first lingering glow of an impact flash.

train spectrum

Persistent train spectra show both unusual lines, from a newly recognized type of recombination emission, and a broad orange band at later times, recently identified as the FeO orange arc emission. Data by Jiri Borovicka of Ondrejov Observatory from a site at Mount Lemmon in Arizona.

Video Clips

Spectacular Taurid fireball (Mpg video, 2Mb) in an 8 second record that was filmed from the FISTA aircraft while just south of Las Vegas, NV, on Nov. 18, 2001. The meteor shows a debris being deposited during some of the many flares, just like past Leonid fireballs. This is a small piece of comet 2P/Encke. Image courtesy: Peter Jenniskens, SETI Institute.

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