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LEONID DAILY NEWS: June 25, 2004

2004 June Bootids

FIGURE 1. Mosaic of summed video frames with June Bootid meteors observed during 07:30 - 12:00 UT, 2004 June 23. Image: Peter Jenniskens, SETI Institute


An outburst of very slow June Bootid meteors was observed from about June 22 19h UT until June 24 01h UT (ZHR > 1/hr), peaking at a rate of ZHR ~ 30/hr at 112 h UT, June 23.

The event was predicted by Sergey Shanov and Sergey Dubrovsky, and also studied by Mikiya Sato and Jeremie Vaubaillon, the latter at IMCCE, and is the result of Earth passing through a cluster of dust trails of 7P/Pons-Winnecke ejected in the returns of 1819, 1825, and 1830. The theoretical radiant was calculated at RA = 223.0, Decl. = +47.1 (Vg = 14.14 km/s) by Sato.

The figure is a compilation of video records of the outburst, obtained with the BETSY spectrograph by Peter Jenniskens from Mountain View, CA. All meteors are small samples of comet 7P/Pons-Winnecke that spent less than 200 years in interplanetary space.

The meteors were mostly yellow in color, and three low-resolution spectra detected show a strong sodium line, a weak magnesium line, and a continuum with a relatively small contribution from the first positive system of N2.

The outburst occurred during the SOFIA Upper Deck Science Opportunities workshop held at NASA Ames June 22 and 23. The observation of such meteor outbursts was proposed as one example of research that could be pursued from SOFIA's Upper Deck in the future.

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Results of this research were published in "Meteor Showers and Their Parent Comets" (Cambridge University Press).

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